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Anonymous asked: Until that last one, I always assumed that you were a Hispanic woman for some reason. Why did I think that?

Gosh, beats me, but I think that’s pretty cool.  I’m really interested in this sort of point, of the blanks we (usually subconsciously) fill in when we have imperfect information about someone.

I know I have a tendency to assume that whoever I’m reading is the same as me, and will feel a note of surprise when I suddenly read “Growing up in X…” or “As a mom…” or whatever.  But for me, that’s  in part because most of the obvious ways I can be classified tend to be the stereotypes (at least until the last couple decades) of writers, and especially journalists.

How does everyone else fill in the blanks?  Do you assume that other writers are like you until you find out otherwise?  Do you have some other “base writer” that you tend to assume? Or do you do something completely different?

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