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The Point of This

Yeah, so people write awful things on the Internet. Great insight, right?

And that’s true.  Nothing about these tweets, nor this tumblr, is ground-breaking.  But sometimes we need to be confronted head-on by something that we’re aware of, that we all accept, because only then does it hit us that we’re tolerating something intolerable. And if you can’t stop ignorance, you might as well be aware of it so you can act accordingly.

Of course, this tumblr isn’t really doing anything to solve the problem.  Maybe it’s even hurting by instilling a sense of superiority in us, or by mistaking awareness of the problem as effort against the problem.

So if this site hits home to you, go do something.  Donate to the Southern Poverty Law Center or some other group that’s actively trying to better society.  Volunteer somewhere.  Help someone out. Teach. Love. Even just try your best to be a better person. Everything helps.